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Pembrokeshire, in the World of Darkness, is an extremely conservative place, where the new is barely tolerated, and the young are sometimes violent in their rebellion against “what has always been done.” But two issues unite the various supernatural denizens: Living room, or lack thereof, and the power of local spirits. Occultists have noted the “quiet” nature of Pembrokeshire, when compared to many other places, and put forward many theories as to why this is. In Pembs in Shadow, it is heavily warded by the various old stone circles and dolmens that abound in the region, but not to keep danger out. It is to keep danger within, slumbering.


Vampires (In progress)

Werewolves (In progress)

Magi (In progress)

Geisten (In progress)

Hunters (In progress)

Changelings (In progress)

Mortals (In progress, see Notes on Design)

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