The Forsaken in Pembrokeshire don’t have it as tough as the rest of the UK, but that doesn’t mean life is easy for them. Here, the spirits are strong, and the Forsaken, while weakened, are still present in enough numbers to cause trouble for the Uratha. Due to the organisation of the Forsaken of Pembrokeshire, there are very few Ghost Wolves, and, due to the overcrowding of supernatural entities all over the county, the ones that live out their first year are already scarred, hardened, and possibly wiser.

There are only 6 Forsaken packs in Pembrokeshire, but when one considers how few people live here, this is more than enough. Add to this the three Pure packs, all of which are considered dangerous and powerful, and the preponderance of psychics and spirits here (see Mortals), keeping from discovery is a daily battle. All packs tread as softly as they can.

As if life were not dangerous enough, the Bale Hounds of the area have an organised pack, The Sons of Cancer, following a powerful magath which calls itself, simply, Boke. The Bale Hounds do not care about subtlety, but are careful enough that they raise the fear of an area with their attacks on isolated hikers all the year round.

Forsaken in Pembrokeshire (In Progress)

The Pure in Pembrokeshire (In Progress)

Claw On Throat , Predator King

Ghost Wolves of Pembrokeshire (In Progress)

The Sons of Cancer (In Progress)


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